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Time Management

Time management is extremely important and must be handled graciously during your time as a student athlete. Through practice, studies, and free time, it is mandatory that you put hours into the things that will help you out in life. Be sure to always put studies and athletics first, and to ALWAYS be on time. … More Time Management


Don’t let distractions effect your school-work, or on the field performance. When in class, work hard, study, and when you’re in between the white lines, always focus on what you need to do to defeat your opponent

look good, play good

Every good ball player loves to be comfortable, and look good on the field. It helps with confidence, and high confidence is a major key to winning, so wether its a game, practice, or even just getting some work in, make sure you’re comfortable and have that baseball swag every player loves.


Attitude is everything. It reflects on everyday life, and the way you choose to go about your day. Being a student-athlete comes many hectic schedules, and plenty of hard work. That’s why it is crucial to keep a positive attitude in everything you do, even when life is overwhelming. It will help you not only … More Attitude!

Go to class!

The term Student-Athlete is self explanatory. No matter how you feel about school, or classwork, going to class is extremely important. School always comes first. Being a good student helps you on and off the field in numerous ways. Paying attention in class can help your focus level on the field or court, and if … More Go to class!